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Wat betekent dit voor jou?

As a Senior Engineering Manager, you’llhave the best of both worlds – the chance to work on disasterrecovery projects while also leading and guiding our engineers.You’ll spend equal time honing your technology skills anddeveloping your management abilities, making this role the perfectopportunity for someone who wants to grow in both areas. You willbe working in the Engineering Enablement department, whose primaryresponsibility is to provide our developers with the necessaryplatforms to maximize their productivity. Specifically, you’ll beworking as the engineering manager of our disaster recovery team.Together you set out an overall disaster recovery strategy, andguide the developers through tactics, examples and hands-oncollaboration for implementing saidstrategy.  

About the job

This joboffers a rare chance for an experienced engineer with establishedleadership experience to take their career to the next level. As aSenior Engineering Manager, you’ll have the opportunity to spendhalf your time managing a team of 5 senior level engineers. In thisrole, you’ll not only be responsible for performing relevant HRduties, but also for mentoring your team members on their careerand personal growth, ensuring their success. The other half will bespent working with the team members on the disaster recoverystrategy, refining and evangelising the strategy and contributingto the overall success of the team. This role requires a technicalbackground and excellent communication skills, as you’ll beresponsible for both leading and collaborating with your team. Ifyou’re ready to take your career to the next level and make animpact both as a leader and an engineer, this is the perfectopportunity for you.

Our stackcontains many different technologies, including physical andvirtual infrastructure in both multi and hybrid cloud settings.Software runs the gamut from 30 year old perl systems to modernmicroservices running in Kubernetes. AH Technology is hiring anEngineering Manager Disaster Recovery to ensure IT operations areprepared for major disruptions that we cannot really prevent fromhappening, like an airplane crashing down on our datacenter! Butwhen it happens protocols and procedures need to be in place andour teams need to be aware on how to act. In this role you wouldlead by example. Our team exists out of 3 disaster recoveryspecialists, 1 Disaster Recovery advisor, and you! Our team is inthe process of creating automated steps for responding to incidentsand disasters through the development of building blocks forautomated recovery and helping teams with creation and maintenanceof runbooks. In this role you would lead by example, so anengineering background is an important requirement. Although thefocus of your scope would predominantly be setting strategy,reporting results to management and leading your team of DisasterRecovery Specialists when it comes to HR topics like performancemanagement, hiring, and coaching when needed. Our Head of Tech willmanage thebudgets!


  • Providetraining and support to IT staff to ensure they are prepared torespond to disasters and understand their roles andresponsibilities. 
  • Work closely withIncident Commanders to ensure alignment of disaster recovery planswith incident management and service managementprocesses. 
  • Develop and maintain disasterrecovery plans to ensure the availability and reliability of ITservices and infrastructure in the event of adisaster. 
  • Ensure business requirementswith regards to recovery are met by the ITteams. 
  • Document and report on disasterrecovery activities to provide transparency and accountability tostakeholders. 
  • Stand-by duties for majorincidents within Albert Heijn Technology, approximately once in the6 weeks. Could be more, could beless!  
  • Coordinate and communicatewith stakeholders during high priority incidents to quicklymitigate customer impact and keep business stakeholdersinformed. 


  • Strongunderstanding of IT infrastructure and systems, including network,server, storage and cloudtechnologies. 
  • Knowledge of automationwithin Azure & Kubernetes environments. You won’t be doing thison a day to day business but having the knowledge is arequirement. 
  • Strong knowledge of disasterrecovery principles, methodologies, and bestpractices. 
  • Experience developing andmaintaining disaster recovery plans, including runbooks and testingprocedures. 
  • Excellent communication andcoordination skills to effectively manage high priority incidentsand keep management informed. 
  • Ability towork collaboratively with cross-functional teams and guide themthrough disruptions to ensure businesscontinuity.  
  • Minimum of 8 years ofexperience in IT service management / incident management anddisaster recovery.

The perks thatcome with the job: 

  • Acompetitive salary up to 110K based on a full-time workweek,excluding bonus (up to 10k), a travel allowance, laptop and asmartphone. 
  • Generous pension scheme(company pays 4,5x your personal contribution) and discount on(among other things) insurancepolicies. 
  • 20 days’ holiday entitlement,plus 12.5 days on a discretionary basis. Take it, exchange it fordiscounts or have it paid out in full? Yourchoice. 
  • A setting in which learning fromyour peers is an everyday reality and your personal andprofessional development is continuouslyencouraged. 
  • An employer that combines thebest of both worlds: the opportunities you associate with acorporation plus the autonomy and drive to innovation thatcharacterize scale-ups.
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