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Wat betekent dit voor jou?

Would you like to work on a newly designedand built employee solution, which is used by thousands of AlbertHeijn employees every day? As a Back End Engineer you can make adirect impact on a top-listed priority project, using moderntechnologies in a fast-developing environment.   

About thejob   
Being a Backend engineer for ourDigital Employee Experience in the AH Store & Supply ChainPlatform, means you are responsible for all the back-end servicesof Albert Heijn’s employee app, called ‘@AH’, used by more than70.000 employees. This app has many functionalities like checkingout the AH news, connecting to colleagues via chat, and view workschedules. But even more exciting there’s much more on our roadmapfor the upcoming months and years to support colleagues ‘on thejob’ and scaling to new business units and otherbrands. 


As apassionate Backend Developer you own the realization of newfeatures. You help the team in keeping up the high security andcoding standards of the platform and develop new features using thelatest technology. You participate in standups and refinements,develop code, write tests and continuously integrate/deploy thesolutions. Beyond your own team, you contribute to the AH Techcommunity via Guilds, inner source initiatives, andmore.  

We think it’s important to bepart of an high-belonging team; a team where you can be yourselfand feel safe, accepted and appreciated. For this job we arepreferably looking for someone who brings diversity in our team, inthe widest possible sense. Someone who is a great addition to ourteam by bringing other ideas to the table. So don’t check all theboxes? Don’t worry, we probably don’t either . Don’t hesitate toapply if you think you are up for the challenge, we’re happy tohave a look at your resume!   
More specifically, as a Backend Software Developeryou:   
•    Are activelyparticipating in developing a feature-rich product for ouremployees.   
•    Always keep scalability tomore users and brands inmind 

•    Apply agile development bestpractices in combination with a services-basedarchitecture.  
•    Leverage test automationand ‘shift-right methodologies’ (testing in production) to deliverreliable products.  
•    Bring experience on‘your’ domain (Kotlin back-end services on our Azure Kubernetesplatform, using MongoDB and Kafka for database andintegration) 

Why we believe this is a cooljob   
•    You get to work withmodern technologies, and since this is a new-build solution we havezero legacy.   
•    Everything we build inthe app is scalable, using Azure and Microservices, Kubernetes,CI/CD pipelines. We work in small increments so we’re able to putthings live straight away, hence reduce our time to market.   
•    We work in a multi-disciplinarianteam; with dedicated QA, UX designer, developers, PO. In total theteam consists of 11 people.  
•    Thisinitiative, building an employee app for your own colleagues, is apriority project for Albert Heijn, with the potential of scaling toother brands within Ahold Delhaize.   

Recipe for maximumimpact: 

At AH Technology you’llbe working for one of the biggest food retailers in theNetherlands. To be successful as our new back end engineer youbring:  
•    A Technology/IT Engineeringbachelor or master’s degree, or equivalent work experience;   
•    You know your technology stack: youare experienced in Kotlin and preferably Kafka, while having aunderstanding of its fit in the total stack (e.g. exposure to ourReact Native front end via GraphQL, or connecting to other (lowcode) apps and platforms);  
•    Experiencein Cloud (Azure preferred, but we will get you up to speed if youhave AWS/Google experience);   
•    2-3 yearsof experience as backend developer  
•    Knowyour way around with CI/CD, including test automation integrationsand release engineering automation (fyi, we use Azure Devops andGithub Actions)    
•    Basic understandingof concepts like code quality, IT security, test automation, andcloud practices;    
•    Outstandingcommunication in English.

What weoffer; 
At Albert Heijn we aim to grow,and this is only possible if you grow along with us. As we worktogether to build our brand and your career, you can count on(based on 40 hours per week):  
•    An annualsalary up to 78K including holiday allowance and a flexible bonus.Depending on your experience.  
•    Possibility to work 32-40 hours a week.  
•    Working hybrid where we go to the office once ortwice a week. We are next to Zaandam’s train station!  
•    An attractive pension plan of which we pay out over4,5 x times the amount you contribute to the fund. So you’llcontinue to enjoy a comfortable income even after retiring    
•   45 days of paid leave to enjoy yourwell-deserved holidays: 25,5 regular vacation days and 19,5 ADVdays. Enjoy! 
•    NS Train card for commutingby train from your home to Zaandam, a laptop andsmartphone.   
•    10% staff discount ongroceries in all Albert Heijn stores, up to €300 discount ayear.   
•    Follow training and courses viaour AH Tech Academy.  
Your new office   
Curiousabout your colleagues? At AH Technology you work with the bestexperts in the field. In an open environment, where expertise isvalued, where we learn from each other and have the freedom toinnovate. We work in a hybrid way, where we meet (on average) 2days at the office in Zaandam, what is close to the train station,and 8 min from Amsterdam ;-).   
More information?   
Youneed to look no further than your favorite omnichannel neighborhoodsupermarket. Hit the apply button and discover how we can make adifference together to the customer!  Want to know more? Pleasefeel free to reach out to Carly DeSantis(Talent Acquisition Partnertechnology) and hiring manager Jelle Gijsbers (Product ManagerEmployee Experience) will be happy to help you You can apply by hitting the apply button andupload your resume. We look forward meeting you!   

We’re Albert Heijn, foodretail reinventors.    
Albert Heijn goesway back. More than 135 years, to be exact. So for millions ofpeople, food shopping is synonymous with the Albert Heijn brand. Wedidn’t achieve this with a complacent, ‘hey, if it works today,it’ll work tomorrow’ approach, but by continually rethinking ourpropositions and staying plugged in to customer demands. More than125,000 colleagues? Check. Over 1,250 stores in the Netherlands andFlanders? Check. The leading online food retail platform? Check, webuild, run and love it.    

Together we make eating better the easy choice. Foreveryone.  

The world around ushas changed, and significantly at that. These changes have impacton the lives of our customers, colleagues and partners. Andtherefore, also on Albert Heijn. We’re moving towards a new worldwith new opportunities and challenges. Albert Heijn wants morepeople to eat fresher, healthier and more sustainable food. Eatingbrings us together, keeps us healthier and contributes positivelyto the world. Our mission is: Together we make eating better theeasy choice. For everyone.  



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